I have added some items to the ‘Impact Art’ page. . . . . __________ Any adverts on these pages are nothing to do with me!

With the latest additions to the Impact Art page, I have released all the work so far. This won’t be the end of the project, but I am not inclined to churn stuff out just for the sake of it. I will add work as and when I see a point and an effect to […]

… from the ‘red series’. Click on the image to go to the archive.

Strictly speaking the Lithopoesis project belongs to 2010, and I haven’t made any updates to the site since 2012, I think. However, the other day, quite by surprise, I received notification that someone had started following the updates to this site. So I decided to add another page, intended as a repository for ‘Impact Art’, […]

I have unearthed another Lithopoema from 2010 called on being eaten. I had forgotten about it, mainly because I had revised it as plain ‘free verse’ in order to include it in a submitted collection. However, having conducted an interview with writer Sam Snoek-Brown in which he mentioned Sarah Rose Etter’s Husband Feeding, I remembered […]

Today I have added the final three poems in this project. This will now become a static site, in effect an archive of the Lithopoesis project as it stood in 2010. I will leave links to here on my other ongoing web site and poetry blog. I would like to thank everyone who has ‘followed’ […]

Today I have added I belong to you and Phoenix. Not long to go before this archive is complete.