Final poems added

Today I have added the final three poems in this project. This will now become a static site, in effect an archive of the Lithopoesis project as it stood in 2010. I will leave links to here on my other ongoing web site and poetry blog. I would like to thank everyone who has ‘followed’ this archive-in-making – your presence has been appreciated.

Exceptionally I am going to open this final post up for valedictory comments.

The newly-added poems are as follows:

The Daughters of Philip was written as a reply to something said by Adrienne Rich – I forget what it was – while we still had her with us.

the wood was warm and worn grey

let me tell you a story of how was one of the first poems of this kind that I wrote. It illustrates strongly my early attempts to circulate images, words, and ideas.

18th Oct. 2012


  1. it wasn’t my father who taught me static could be a net charge rather than stationary capsized.
    it was revisiting an old baseball game on vhs and so wills lithopoesis the same.

    daughters of philip is ironic relief to me in that according to wikipedia,
    it was her father who bestowed the daughter of Rich the word
    and your poem is gorgeous base stone to build the next great temple
    in the mud we lower into and splash around a short while with the other.

    i’m gonna dream away with the other two and long for a quilt and a heart of winter deep blue sky as seen through window blinds.

    ahhh this life of skhole…of leisure.
    i present you a fresh quebec macintosh and thank you.

    1. I shall wear it always.

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