Impact Art

“Impact Art” has no direct connection with Lithopoesis, but I thought I would house the archive here, rather than start a fresh site. Impact Art makes a little nod to Robert Indiana’s 1966 ‘Love’ and General Idea’s ‘Imagevirus’, but it is only a little nod. Impact Art is designed to be instantaneous (the irony of creating an archive will therefore not be lost on you!). It has developed from my poetry more than anything else, and the desire to explore the limits of semic value; thus much of what you see is based on typeface. Another aim is to question what is background and what is object. Impact Art uses paper, markers, highlighters, a scanner, and computer processing; all original material is then destroyed – the paper is shredded and I do not keep any resulting jpg images. The only place Impact Art exists is on line. There while it has its roots in many things that already exist, it is very much a 21c thing.

I will add items to this page as and when it occurs to me to do so, and will announce their arrival in a post on the blog/update section.

Impact Art 2 - item

Impact Art 2 – item

Impact Art 4

Impact Art 4

Impact Art 3

Impact Art 3

Impact Art 0 - the quiet-running computer

Impact Art 0 – The silent-running computer

From the ‘red series’.

red 1

red 2


red 4

Impact 8

Impact 3

Impact 4

Impact 5

Impact 7

Impact 6


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