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Update to the ‘Impact Art’ page.

I have added some items to the ‘Impact Art’ page. . . . . __________ Any adverts on these pages are nothing to do with me!

Impact Art archive up to date

With the latest additions to the Impact Art page, I have released all the work so far. This won’t be the end of the project, but I am not inclined to churn stuff out just for the sake of it. I will add work as and when I see a point and an effect to […]

Impact art added…

… from the ‘red series’. Click on the image to go to the archive.

‘Impact Art’ – an addition to this site

Strictly speaking the Lithopoesis project belongs to 2010, and I haven’t made any updates to the site since 2012, I think. However, the other day, quite by surprise, I received notification that someone had started following the updates to this site. So I decided to add another page, intended as a repository for ‘Impact Art’, […]

New poems added

Today I have added I am weary of jackhammered steel and Eye-in-eye. The latter is another poem I wrote in reaction to a painting by Edvard Munch.

New poems added

I have just added two poems to the site. They are Sketch for ‘The Kiss’, based on the drawing by Edvard Munch, and one morning on Nethergate. The Edvard Munch painting known as The Kiss shows a man and a woman embracing; they are in a room in front of a window. In the painting […]

Transfer from post to page

I have included Head of an Idealist, which I originally had here as a blog post, as a new page. The painting which inspired it, by contemporary Scottish artist Ken Currie, is under copyright, so I have included a link to it. I have no control over whether the link will be permanent, but if […]

Head of an Idealist

Click on the poem